Record Store Shopping Spree

Less Than A Week To Get Free Records

We absolutely love record stores, and we want to share the love.

So for a limited time, when you order a stereo system bundle you'll get a $250 gift card for your favourite record store - and we'll bump it up to $300 if you throw in a subwoofer.

How It Works

Use promo code LOVERECORDS250 at checkout. This will knock $1 off your order. And when we see that the promo code has been used, we'll reach out to you personally to ask you for your favourite record stores. We'll then reach out to one of them to arrange the gift card for you.

But There's A Catch

This special promo can't be offered infinitely, so this promo code can only be used once per day

Have any questions about this or anything else? Send us a message using our live chat tool, or email us at


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